Welcome, Detroit! Now Please Lose.


PCC No. 1079, honoring Detroit Department of Street Railways, at the Ferry Building. Telstar Logistics photo via the Market Street Railway Flickr Group.

As the Tigers meet the Giants for the first time ever in a World Series, it’s worth mentioning that the Motor City has been represented in San Francisco for some years by a streetcar. PCC No. 1079 is painted in tribute to Detroit, though it actually ran first in Minneapolis-St. Paul, then in Newark, NJ.
Still, it gives us the chance to note that the Tigers never won a World Series during Detroit’s PCC era, suggesting that the streamlined cars may be a jinx. Perhaps Muni should run No. 1079 back in forth in front of AT&T Park during the first two games, just in case.

It also gives us the opportunity to remind everyone that we’ve got dozens of great photos of No. 1079 on our Flickr Group, along with hundreds of other great San Francisco streetcar photos.

Finally, it reminds us to tell you that Market Street Railway and its waterfront partners — including businesses, neighborhood groups, non-profits like Delancey Street Foundation, and the San Francisco Giants, continue our productive work with SFMTA, Muni’s parent, in establishing permanent historic streetcar service to AT&T Park via the proposed E-Embarcadero line from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Caltrain Depot (and ultimately beyond in both directions). Giants fans got a taste of the E twice this year, when demonstration service coincided with ball games. You can’t take the E to the Series this year, but we’re doing all we can to make it a reality by next year, or 2014 for sure. You can help us with this and other projects by joining Market Street Railway or donating to us.
Go Giants!!!


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  1. Well, so far, Detroit has lost the first three games of the World Series, could 1079 be having an effect? 🙂

  2. I know that the historic streetcars do not carry any sort of exterior advertising, but man, won’t it be sweet if Muni can hang “Congrats Giants – 2012 World Series Champs” banners on the sides of 1079 for the next few weeks or so, you know, just to rub it in a bit? Hehe…

  3. I know you mentioned 130,, could you tell us what is left to complete,,, Also could you update us about 952 New Orleans,,,,,,Thanks,,Cary Brotman

  4. 130 does not have VETAG switch control and has a couple of motors out of it right now. 952 is not operational with a couple of problems.

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