Waiting Since 1958: Giants’ Bus Finally Comes

Seals Stadium 22 bus 0458.jpgI first saw the Giants play the year this photo was taken.  It’s April 1958 and a packed Marmon-Herrington trolley coach, already about 10 years old, is filled with Giants’ fans at Seals Stadium, 16th and Bryant Streets. 

If you think your wait for a Muni bus or streetcar today is long, think about my wait from that first day at Seals Stadium.  I was hooked immediately and have stayed hooked ever since, more than 52 years now.

When I was a teenager, I regularly rode the 30X Ballpark Express (usally an old Mack bus, once in awhile an even older White) from Fourth and Market to Candlestick, even at night, to see the Giants.  Mays. McCovey. Cepeda. Marichal. Alou (Felipe and Matty). Bonds (Bobby). From those days all the way through the N-line and shuttles to Third and King, I’ve ridden many generations of Muni vehicles and watched many generations of Giants. Clark (Jack). Clark (Will). Dravecky. Williams. Bonds (Barry). Kent. Alou (Moises). And so many more.  All the while hoping “this will be the year.”

Now it is. For every San Francisco Giant, every Giants fan, everyone who rode Muni home in elation or despair after those thousands of games since 1958 — this is for all of us.

Congratulations, Champs!


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  1. This could have been my story as well. I grew up in the Marina. Rode the #47 Potrero or the #22 Trolley Bus to Seals Stadium to see the Giants play. I sat on the west side and for the whole game, smelled the yeast from either the Wonder Bread Plant or the Hamms Beer Plant. Loved it!! When Candlestick was opened, I’d ride the #30 and #47 to Van Ness and Sacramento to transfer to the #47 Ballpark Express. On the return trip, it went all the way to the end of the #47 line, at Van Ness and North Point. I just transfered to the #30 and went home. To be a baseball fan, and a Giants fan, you had to go to a night game at “The Stick.” You had better dressed warmly because it was COLD!! But, I love it!! Now that I am in San Diego, I am a Padres fan but, I was so happy that the Giants won it all. I just wish I could be there to celebrate with the Giants and The City. Enjoy it!!

  2. Although I am of the Dodger Blue persuasion (as are my daughters, one of whom lives in Davis but keeps the faith), I joined with the fans in MuniLand, rejoicing in the Giants’ victory. Seeing “The Beard” pitch the last outs and then give his “X-out!” gesture will be a World Series memory for many of us. I believe that even the most stalwart streetcar fan won’t mind seeing the “F” take a break to clear the tracks for the celebration.

  3. Leave it to MSR to find a transit connection–and a fantastic picture–to the Giants win. Go Giants! Go MSR.
    Of course, in April 1958 I was still a month away from my own debut…
    Now wouldn’t it be nice if Bustitution on the “F” line meant one of these old coaches instead of a new one?

  4. Love your story. Although not a sports’ fan of any kind, I have enjoyed the city’s celebration of its home team and the victory of the World Series.

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