Video: How to Replace a Streetcar Railbed (In 56 Hours)



Over the course of a few days last weekend, Muni replaced a large section of streetcar railbed around the intersection of 18th and Church streets near Dolores Park in San Francisco.

The project is part of the J Church Improvement Project, but the vintage streetcars of the F Line will benefit as well, as they too traverse this stretch of rail while traveling to and from their base camp at the Geneva Yard.

Happily, a few amateur infrastructuralists were on hand document the work, and it’s interesting stuff to see. Apart from the photos above, one neighbor also produced a short video of the project, which you can watch here:

Congratulations to Muni for getting the job done in just 56 hours!

(Special thanks to our friends at Muni Diaries for the tip, Brian M. for the photos, and Debbie for the video.)


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  1. Excellent job people….now head over to Geary st. and lay down the rail bed for the B Geary route at this rate you’ll be done at the end of this year…….dare to dream…..

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