Very Special Cable Car Rail Gifts

The cable cars are world famous historic artifacts, of course, but they couldn’t climb even a quarter-way to the stars without good rail underneath their wheels. Since the first cable car ran on Clay Street in 1873, different rail profiles have been used on different lines around the city. Now, we’re offering a pair of unique gifts at our San Francisco Railway Museum that show off the variety of historic cable car rail in the city.
Years ago, we had the chance to acquire original San Francisco cable car rail from the children of a man who had saved it when old likes like Sacramento-Clay and Washington-Jackson were torn up more than a half-century ago. Our volunteers sliced sections of this rail and polished it, and offered it to museum visitors as a fund-raising device for our non-profit.

Now we’ve taken it a step farther, thanks to dedicated volunteer Don McKinsey, who has personally fashioned frames of mahogany or oak to display these historic sections of cable car rail beautifully.

We have two types available. The three-rail version sells for $69.99. The four-rail version includes a very rare rail profile. We only had enough to make up 17 of these, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. They sell for $99.99. Remember, our members receive 10% off.
All the proceeds from these great gifts and other unique merchandise we offer help us preserve historic transit in San Francisco. You can see these in our museum, or order them from our online store.