Update: 916 Test Cut Short; Not Out the Rest of the Weekend


Muni tests cars for a good reason before they enter service. The “newest” member of the vintage fleet, 1946 Melbourne Tram 916, came out this morning for what was supposed to be two 12-hour days of testing along The Embarcadero and the T-line as far as Muni Metro East, to check out its systems following a recent rebuilding of its trucks.

The operating crew said the car ran like a dream from a propulsion and braking standpoint in its first couple of trips, but unfortunately, it developed a hot wheel bearing late Saturday morning and has safely operated to Muni Metro East, where it will be fixed by the maintenance team., They crew is excited about taking it out again soon, though it will almost certainly NOT be out Sunday, July 22.

The car looks great. Here’s a peek at its interior, taken before the test. Love those upholstered seats.

We’ll let you know when the 916 will be out again. Meanwhile, enjoy Melbourne 496 on the E-line this weekend.


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