The Castro Weighs in on Six Buck F-line Proposal

Castro District residents are weighing in on the SFMTA staff proposal to raise the F-line fare to six dollars, a 300% increase in one fell swoop (not to be confused with Fell Street).

Here are a selection of reader comments from that site,

Gerald Koskovich: “What’s with pandering to drivers while sticking it to Muni riders? The F-Line isn’t simply some theme-park ride; it’s a crucial part of effective transportation on Market Street. The proposal is an utter contradiction of the City’s transit-first policy.” (At the time of this writing, the “Likes” for his comment outnumbered the “Dislikes” 39-2.)

Craig: “Unless the SFMTA plans to run a ‘regular’ bus line down the Market St. corridor, this plan is unacceptable for those of us who use the F line as our daily means of transportation.” (Likes outnumbered Dislikes 22-1.)

DerekSF: “I’d like to see that study that this will generate additional revenue. Locals will abandon the F-Line, and tourists with families are going to make tough choices between riding the cable cars OR the street cars and finding other ways to get to the wharf. This just seems like an all around bad idea.” (11-0).

You can make your opinion known directly to the decision-makers, the Board of Directors of Muni’s parent, the SFMTA, by sending an email to

By the way, we’ve heard from higher-ups in Muni that they’re not actually proposing this increase, just that it seemed “worth putting on the table to explore.” So it’s up to you, readers, to let them know what you think.