Streetcar Rebuilding Proposals Delayed

Muni has two major requests for proposals to rebuild vintage streetcars out on the street. One proposal would renovate sixteen streamlined PCC streetcars to double the existing fleet of that type of car. The other would restore Muni’s flagship streetcar, vintage-1912 car No. 1, to its original glory in preparation for Muni’s centennial in 2012.

Prospective bidders have asked for 30-day extensions on both contracts, and Muni has agreed. So the new due dates for proposals are September 27 for Car No. 1, and October 18 for the PCCs.

We’ll keep you informed of the progress on these proposals.


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  1. With the E-line coming, it seem Muni need to be focusing on double ended cars. After this batch of 16 PCCs, I’ll like to see Mini start fixing up some different kinds of cars.
    Restoring Car No 1. is a must because of it’s history. Rick Laubscher mentioned on a comment somewere around here that is was difficult maintaining just one or two of a kind, but what about 8-10? The Milan added a good mix with the PCCs and I wonder if it would be possible to just plan it out and buy a big enough group of cars they’d be cost effective.
    I’ve read you already have 2 each of the New Orleans and Australian cars, can you get another 6 or so and have a manageable fleet like the Milans?

  2. Did you know that around 40 trolleys are in the process of becoming redundant from Blackpool, England. Although most are double deckers, there are at least 8 single deck luxury ‘railcoaches’ available for sale – contemporaries of the PCC. They’de make great companions for the Boat.

  3. I looked Nat Ford square in the eye at the TEP meeting and said, “Get the E-line going now! Muni is holding this up and people want it.”

  4. @Rick,
    From the MSR Website:
    “Meetings are held at 870 Market Street in the historic Flood Building at Powell & Market, where the F-line meets the Powell Street cable cars. Meetings begin at 6:30 and generally run about 2 hours in length. Meeting room numbers will be posted on the door of the Market Street Railway office, Suite 803.”
    How often do you guys have meetings and what are the dates? I would certainly like to go.

  5. To note: Muni does have a second New Orleans car, No. 913, which MSR helped acquire from a museum. It is owned by Muni and guarantees we would have a “Desire” car if NORTA (the New Orleans transit agency) ever recalls No. 952.
    Bigger issue with more “groups” of cars, though, is the need and the cost. When the 16 PCCs are renovated and the remaining older cars in the vintage fleet are restored, there really should be enough equipment to operate expanded F-line service plus E-line service, even extended to Fort Mason on one end and Mission Bay on the other. And if we need more cars beyond that, there are still 20+ more unrestored PCCs at Muni.
    This fact also impacts acquisition of additional “onesies” like an enclosed Blackpool tram. Between shipping and modification for Muni use, even an operable streetcar represents an investment of several hundred thousand dollars. Easy to say “go get one (or more)”; harder to do.
    As for the final bidders on the renovation contracts, won’t know until they actually submit their proposals and Muni releases the information publicly. As soon as that happens, we’ll post it.

  6. Rick,
    What’s the status on the Fort Mason extension EIR? Does this EIR include an extension to the Presidio/Crissy Field as per the MSR’s vision for the E?

  7. How times have changed! Back in the 20’s our namesake predecessor built its own streetcars by the dozen right there in The City.
    Regarding similarity of electric and air brake systems, I think the “Muni originals” 1, 130 and 162 are fairly close. It’s rather unlikely that the museums which now have 171 and 178 will de-accession them anytime soon, but as “Fats” Waller once said, “One never knows, do one?”
    In reply to “thamsenman”: Don’t feel bad. Down here in LaLa Land (So. Calif.) we have several projects that are in the “I should live so long!” category. Whenever I see Muni taking a long time to get something done, I reflect on the “bad old days” when San Francisco had the only full-time electric railway west of New Orleans and LA was the “great traction desert”. Keep the faith!
    Bob Davis
    San Gabriel CA

  8. I think it is getting to the point and may be more practical to consider purchasing Czechoslovakian built cars as Portland OR did.

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