Spring Training

This screenshot from the special F-line LIVE map that NextMuni created at our request shows a welcome sight this showery Saturday. There’s Muni Car No. 1 out on the F-line, at the Wharf terminal, upper left. The screenshot shows the F-line around 1:30 p.m., Saturday, March 31.

But hang on before you dash down, fare in hand. Even though it shows on the map as in service, it’s not taking passengers. Muni is training crews on the pristine renovated 1912 streetcar to prepare for its April 5 centennial kickoff ceremony (see post directly below). At the same time, they’re testing its GPS unit to make sure it shows up on the F-line map. So far, success.
By the way, this screenshot shows how things are changing on the F-line. Six of the renovated 1070-class PCCs are on the line, as is Muni PCC No. 1040, last of its kind built in North America.
You can check our F-line LIVE map by clicking here to see exactly what streetcars are out on the F-line and where!


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  1. Yes, Saturday was a good day – not one bus on the F-line. Those Newark City Subway PCCs are looking good and improving the service.

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