SFMTA Has a Great Blog Going


That’s the header for the new blog, Moving SF, launched recently by Muni’s parent, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. You can find it here. It’s got a nice mix of current transit news, features, and history.

On top of the great content, we were really flattered today to see a positive piece about, well, us!

That post followed a nice summary of all the events coming up this weekend at Muni Heritage Weekend.

Last week, they wrote a tribute to the great photographs of San Francisco in the 1940s and 1950s taken by Fred Lyon, about whom you’ll be hearing more from us shortly.

Lots of other good posts on the SFMTA blog too. And you can subscribe to get posts sent directly to your via email. (By the way, we are implementing a new and improved email subscription mechanism on this, our own site. It should be up and running in a few days. We appreciate your understanding.)

We’re delighted to welcome our partners at SFMTA to the blogosphere, and have added Moving SF to sites we follow on our sidebar.


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