Historic Streetcar Stickers



These stickers are playful representations of Muni’s historic streetcar fleet, great for decorating your computer, desk, or, well, anything! Two each of 12 different streetcars, 24 stickers in all.



The latest hot thing in town are these stickers, representing the various historic streetcars in Muni’s fleet. Each one is about the size of a dime (US 10 cent piece) and they come 24 to a package. Designed by our board member Chris Arvin, they appear on the great new live streetcar map designed by fellow board member Kat Siegal.

Here are the stickers in the package (two of each):

  • Muni PCC Streetcar #1006
  • Orange Milan Tram
  • Boston Streetcar #1059
  • Los Angeles Streetcar #1061
  • Blackpool Boat Tram #228
  • Brooklyn Streetcar #1053
  • Muni Streetcar #1
  • Green Milan “Mint Milano” Tram
  • Muni Streetcar #130
  • Los Angeles Streetcar #1080
  • Melbourne Streetcar #496
  • San Diego Streetcar #1078

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 4 × .10 × 7.5 in