Nolte Nails It

Carl Nolte, whom I’ve long considered the best pure writer on the Chronicle staff, puts his finger on it in his Sunday column, “Native Son.” Streetcars in San Francisco are cool again. I’d actually go further (and will, in the cover story of our next member newsletter, Inside Track)–to the general public (as opposed to railfans), streetcars are cooler than ever! By the way, Carl’s a reader of this blog — he told me he got his lead, the Monsters-on-a-Milan, from our posting. His article’s worth the read.


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  1. Why does this streetcar “charm offensive” seem suspiciously timed to coincide with MUNI’s outsized request for budget support on these?

  2. @Optimistical Skeptic– Actually, Nolte called us up, primarily to do a little featurette on our museum. In the process, the story grew to what it became…about the streetcars in general. Muni had nothing to do with it. Feel free to describe, by the way, what you mean by “outsized request for budget support.”

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