Monsters vs. Milan Tram

Did you see it during the Super Bowl? No, not the great plays on the field, the commercial for the upcoming animated film “Monsters Vs. Aliens”? We know the premise — scientists unleash monsters to battle an alien invasion — but what’s fascinating is a, uh, plot vehicle. Specifically, Milan tram No. 1811. Its another example of the growing visibility of the Milan trams as a San Francisco institution. We’ll have a story on that in the next issue of our member newsletter, Inside Track, which will go out to Market Street Railway members in early April. For now, enjoy the movie trailer, and feel free to speculate about what part No. 1811 might play in saving the world.

UPDATE: Closer inspection of the movie trailers shows the tram to be numbered “2930”, not an F-line fleet number. No question what they modeled the animated tram on though — No. 1811 is the only Milan tram in that yellow and white livery.


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