10% Muni Service Cuts Take Effect on May 8, 2010


Cable car tracks never to be used again. Walt Vielbaum photo.

Public transit in San Francisco will be reduced dramatically on Saturday, May 8, 2010, when Muni service cuts take effect. Unlike the changes made last December — which included rerouting some lines and increases in service — these cuts only reduce frequency and shortened hours, but will not change routings.
All lines will have some reduction in service. Overall it’s about a 10% cut in service which at peak times on high ridership lines will mean longer wait times and more crowding while many community service lines — such as the 35 and 37 — will no longer run after 9:30 PM on weeknights.
Look for pamphlets titled “Muni Schedule Changes” in Muni Metro stations and onboard vehicles in the next week and be sure to know what’s happening on your line ahead of time.
Service change information at SFMTA.com »


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  1. That photo of the closed Cable Car tracks adds a rather ominous note to the report of the already depressingly myopic Muni cutbacks, but then again, it all seems like a replay of National City Bus Lines tactics, so one can hardly call it an exaggeration, even if NCBL wasn’t killing cable cars (San Francisco was trying hard enough to do that on it’s own).
    Now of course, one wonders, when the cable cars close–and then re-open–next year, if the rebuild will include whatever is missing that will allow the California cable cars to reach the wharf… Just an idea, probably too progressive for this town, these days…

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