Iron Monster to Run Sunday on the E-line


Vintage car No. 162 near AT&T Park, returning to the barn on June 1, 2008 after being displayed at the APTA Rail Conference. Robert Parks photo.

Muni’s ‘newest’ vintage streetcar, No. 162 (built for Muni in 1914, retired in 1958, reacquired with Market Street Railway member donations in 2003, restored by our volunteers and Muni) will be on the tracks Sunday, September 14th as part of the special E-Embarcadero demonstration service from Caltrain to Pier 39.

The special service will run from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm in support of Mayor Newsom’s Sunday Streets event, where the northbound Embarcadero and other streets will be closed for a variety of activities, and also to support the South Beach-Rincon Hill-Mission Bay Neighborhood Fair from 12 Noon – 4:00 pm on the shoreline south of Pier 40.

Joining No. 162 in E-line service will be 1924-vintage New Orleans ‘Streetcar Named Desire’ No. 952 and 1948-vintage PCC No. 1010 (painted in 1940s Muni blue and gold), with 1948 PCC No. 1007 (painted in tribute to Philadelphia Suburban) as a backup.

Rides will be free.


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  1. 1015 is supposed to be out of service this weekend for maintenance; 130 does not yet have the automatic switch-throwing electronics that are needed to turn around at Caltrain (all the other cars do).

  2. oh…too bad 496 isn’t running either, they have a similar paint scheme, though it does look better if a similar green/cream car joined 162 (or probably it’s just because I wanted to take a shot with those two cars next to each other :D)

  3. Yes, only double-ended streetcars can run on the E-line during this demonstration service, so that they can reverse directions at the Caltrain depot. In order to meet ADA requirements, the Boat Tram was converted to single-ended use, sealing off one of the doors to make adequate room for a wheelchair.

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