More PCC Streetcars Leave for Restoration

Streetcar no. 1006 being prepared for shipment

Streetcar no. 1006 being readied to travel cross-country. Charles Darke photo.

Still wearing the faded green and cream “wings” livery it had when it arrived new in 1948, streetcar no. 1006 left San Francisco last week to travel across the country to Pennsylvania for restoration.
Late last week San Diego no. 1078 followed and so far four of the 16 PCC streetcars have made it to Pennsylvania’s Brookville Equipment Corporation for restoration with these two now on their way as well. We know work is already underway on at least three other streetcars, nos. 1008, 1040, 1071, and 1080.
You might be scratching your head as to why money is being spent to restore historic streetcars instead spending it on Muni service to prevent the 10% service cuts taking effect next month.
Fortunately or unfortunately, funding for capital projects like restoration, and about any one-time construction project, is separate from the funding available for regular, ongoing service and maintenance operations. Were it possible to redirect funding into operations we could find ourselves saving service only to find ourselves in a few years without enough working vehicles to maintain service.

Trolley no. 1006 departs San Francisco for restoration

Many of the streetcars currently running on the F-line have been in nearly continuous service since the line opened in 1995 and — especially since the extension to Fisherman’s Wharf — have been straining to keep up with growing ridership.
When those streetcars come due for their own regular overhauls in a few years F-line service would need to either be cut or replaced with buses were it not for the streetcars being restored now to provide relief.
Our thanks to Charles Darke for capturing these photos of no. 1006 as it departed.


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  1. Glad to hear 1006 is finally on its way. Given its status as SF’s first true PCC I though it would be one of the first to go.
    Why did they send 1078 back east already? It’s one of the few ex-Newark-ers that’s actually a runner. Wouldn’t it make more sense to at least wait until one of the restored/rewired PCCs return to SF before sending the 4 runners?

  2. 1078 had a burned out motor; by the time Muni fixed it, it would’ve been its time to go east anyway. Plus, they could pick it up right out of Geneva and save a towing trip over to Metro East.

  3. I just found out something. No. 1006 appeared in the 1965 movie Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine. It appeared in the ending car chase when Goldfoot and his Minion Igor pursue the two protagonists on a motorcycle. The two protagonists manage to elude them by turning onto a short street that leads into a streetcar tunnel and hiding just to the right of the tunnel portal. Dr. Goldfoot urges Igor to turn right, but when he sees the tunnel, he yells “IGOR, YOU IDIOT!” and crashes right into No. 1006. The streetcar comes out of the tunnel and stop, allowing Goldfoot and Igor to get off and Goldfoot demands from Igor “Why do you listen to me when I’m wrong?!” and boards another vehicle.

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