F-line Streetcars Back On Market. For One Day. Maybe.

SFMTA just issued this news release, proclaiming that the teardown of Super Bowl City has been completed a day early, so Muni service on lower Market Street is resuming tonight (Thursday, February 11). That should include F-line streetcars, though the announcement doesn’t make that explicit.

In any event, if the streetcars do return to Market on Friday the 12th, it’s only for a visit. Because they’ll be taken off the street AGAIN this coming weekend, February 13 and 14, with buses substituting the entire F-line route this time, so that Steuart Street can be closed while Visa disassembles its corporate skybox on the rooftop of the One Market building podium and cranes the pieces down to the street.

(We’re not sure just what that corporate skybox was for. A venue for big shots to eat and drink while they looked down on — what, people milling around Super Bowl City? The Ferry Building clock? Well, we’re sure they had a swell time, whatever they were looking at.

Be thankful for that swell time someone else had while you ride the F-line bus this weekend.

At least the Super Bowl snafus will FINALLY be over for the F-line after this weekend.  And, oh yes, the E-Embarcadero streetcar service will resume this weekend as well, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., between Fisherman’s Wharf and Caltrain. Although Muni has cancelled that service so many weekends for so many alleged reasons, it’ll be a miracle if anyone knows to ride it.  At least we’re doing our part.


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