Don’t Try to Ride the F-line or cable cars June 2

A quick post to say Muni operators are stating a “sickout” in protest of their proposed contract today (Monday, June 2). As of 8:45 a.m., there are exactly TWO streetcars out on the F-line, plus two buses, at an hour when there are usually 20 vehicles on the line. Check our live F-line map for up to the minute information.

It’s no better on other Muni lines; in fact, reports are that Muni management is not even trying to run cable car service, on this, the first weekday of the traditional visitor season. The sickout is systemwide; all lines are badly disrupted and Muni management is scrambling to balance service. BART is operating at regular schedules through the city and is honoring Muni passes today.

Market Street Railway does not operate the streetcars and cable cars; we’re a non-profit support group. We’re very sorry that the people who depend on the F-line and other Muni lines to get to work are stuck in this situation. We’re likewise sorry that people who are in San Francisco for a short stay are being denied the opportunity to ride its historic transit vehicles.