Castro and Market, Then and Now

When better than the 40th anniversary of the first Gay Pride marches to look even farther back to the heartland of LGBT America: Castro and Market Streets? 

As part of our commemoration of the 150th anniversary of rail transit on Market Street (coming up on July 4), photographer Kevin Sheridan is matching locales along Market featured in historic photos with their contemporary counterparts.  These will make up a great show at our San Francisco Railway Museum opening in mid-July (watch this space for more info).

Here’s a sneak peak at one of Kevin’s pairings: a Castro cable car has just run the length of Market Street from the Ferry Building and is starting to turn left onto Castro, to continue over the hill to 26th Street. It’s sometime between 1888 and 1906, the dates of that cable car service.  Compare it to Kevin’s photo taken just a couple of weeks ago.  And enjoy the parade, everyone!

Castro&Market cable car 1890s.jpg

Castro&Market 2010.jpg

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  1. I remember this scene well from the 40s and 50s when there was a tunnel enterance/exit in the picture. The tunnel ride was always great in the open end of the iron monsters.

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