CAL-ble Car

It’s Big Game week in the Bay Area. (To those reading this from elsewhere, it’s our biggest college football rivalry: University of California, Berkeley, known to all its fans as simply Cal, vs. Stanford University. ) The first Big Game was in 1892, four years after cable car service started on Powell Street, one year after cable cars started running on Hyde.

CAL-ble Car
There are ten campuses in the University of California System, but there’s only one California.

As it turns out (thanks in large part to our nonprofit), Muni has a blue and gold (well, yellow) cable car, part of the Heritage Livery program we’ve championed for 30 years.

And Cal has a band.

Climb aboard. This video shows what that mix tape looks and sounds like.

The CAL-ble car, Powell 16, crests the Hyde Street hill with its band cargo, and Oski, the Cal mascot. Rick Laubscher video.

The band was headed for Union Square and a celebration. Tell me this isn’t better than taking the bus.

CAL-ble Car
What follows the Big Game? The holidays! And Cable Car 13 is one of several already decked out.

Attention Stanford Band: Muni has red cable cars too.

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