Boat tram on the waterfront for Fleet Week

Boat tram on the waterfront for Fleet Week

Muni’s most popular streetcar, 1934 Blackpool, England Boat Tram 228, will be delighting passengers on The Embarcadero between Fisherman’s Wharf and our San Francisco Railway Museum (across from the Ferry Building) from October 7 to October 11, the key dates of Fleet Week 2021. Final operating hours haven’t yet been set, but we expect the Boat Tram to be in service from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m each day. We’ll have volunteer docents on the Boat to answer any questions you might have.

As this photo taken September 28 by Daniel Catalan demonstrates, the Boat is out this week providing refresher training for operators (but no public rides). We will be providing a GPS tracker so you can see the Boat’s location during its Fleet Week stint on our live streetcar map.

Make a day of it! Enjoy some of the ship tours, the air show and other Fleet Week activities, listed here. And stop by our San Francisco Railway Museum on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to chat and check out new merchandise, including our 2022 calendar! And learn more about Muni’s Boat Trams, which our nonprofit brought to San Francisco, on our newly expanded Boat Car Page.

Thanks to SFMTA/Muni leaders Jeff Tumlin and Julie Kirschbaum for bringing out the Boat for another Fleet Week!


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