Autumn in San Francisco: Sunshine and Streetcars

Boat Car!

As Mark Twain once said “San Franciscans prefer to TiVo their summers.”

Actually, that’s completely untrue. Twain never said that. In fact, the thought never even crossed his mind. Then again, he didn’t say that bit about “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco,” either.  Nevertheless, both misattributions describe a set of circumstances are quite genuine: Autumn in San Francisco really does function as the city’s summer, as the cold fog of summer melts away amid gallons of warm fall sunshine.

That also makes it a great time of year for streetcar photography. Here are a few recent contributions to the Market Street Railway’s Flickr group:

D.C. Transit

MUNI August, 5, 2009 293 (28)

San Francisco August 2010 532

MUNI F-LINE CARS--1053, 1056, 1811 at Ferries Layover

Images, from top: Telstar Logistics, hoteldennis, hoteldennis, hoteldennis, and Peter Ehrich


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  1. I see the DC car has been hit by yet another Market street slob, perhaps angry the operator didn’t give her a ride–and true to form–the car is running with the dried muck stuck to its side. Only in San Francisco.

  2. it’s to bad now that muni makes car 162 and 952 run up market st. now that the motormen are being jerks and not allowing passengers to exit through the front doors.

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