On Track: A Field Guide to San Francisco’s Historic Streetcars & Cable Cars





This is the definitive guide to San Francisco’s historic streetcars and cable cars. Written by Market Street Railway President Rick Laubscher, this 128-page guide tells you the story of each vintage vehicle, gives you riding tips, lists the historic sites you’ll pass on each route, and shares insider secrets for great walks that link to your historic ride.

It includes a concise history of transit in San Francisco and the story of how vintage streetcar service came to be, and grew in popularity. There’s even a trainspotter’s guide to let you record the vintage vehicles you ride or see.

At 4.5″ by 9″, it slips right in your pocket, so it will always be at the ready as you ride or watch the cavalcade of cable cars and streetcars in the City.

It’s full color and there are great graphics of every car, and loads of current and historic photos as well. Now in its second printing, it includes the latest streetcar liveries and updated information.

All proceeds from this great guidebook support Market Street Railway.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1 in