Milano Nocturne

Muni tries to pull its Milan “Peter Witt” trams in from F-line service by 9:00pm because of community complaints about their noise. No such restrictions in their hometown. Check out this incredible parade of various Milan trams, from twins of Muni’s Milanos to the latest seven-truck supertram.


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  1. Yikes! Makes me very glad the the Muni Track Crew is industrious about keeping the sharp curves greased to reduce squealing!
    And…I recognize the sound of a Peter Witt being hurried…sounded like a fair amount of skipping points 3,4,6,and 7 on the controllers! 😉

  2. Didn’t the shop folk do something to the wheels to quell the roaring noise?
    If only we could have those supertrams on the N. Any way to get 3 car trains onto the N?

  3. The first time I went to Milano was before I knew our listmeister. One trip and I knew why he is Milantram. This great video reminds me again of why I love the city and its’ trams so much. In an elegant city, Peter Witts go past the world’s best opera house during performances – and they don’t mind. Why would anyone else?

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