Back From the Hack — Asking Your Patience!

Our website has been down for more than two weeks after being hacked by
people who sell fake drugs. Those of you who bought things from on
online store or donated or joined Market Street Railway, don’t worry —
your transactions were secure, conducted through PayPal on a highly
secure site.

We’re starting to bring the site back, a bit at a
time, and will report progress here. This morning we have the blog posts
back up, although online comments are disabled at the moment (you can email comments to us in the interim).  We also have our secure donation and membership pages operating again.

other features, such as profiles of the individual historic streetcars
and cable cars aren’t back yet, so you may find that if you click
certain boxes or links, you come up with an empty page.  We’re working
on getting the whole site back as fast as we can.

Thanks for your patience and your continued support!