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Projects & Programs

We depend on people like you to preserve the fun and functionality of historic transit in San Francisco through your memberships, donations, and volunteer assistance. Here are some of the things we do.

Transit Advocacy & Service Expansion

Keeping the F-Market & Wharves line running with vintage streetcars — rather than diesel buses — takes constant advocacy.


Market Street Railway vision of the wharves reunified with F-line service to Fort Mason.

Market Street Railway works closely with Muni staff at all levels, along with a wide range of leaders from city government, business, and neighborhood groups to push for enough F-line service to meet demand, and to keep the vintage streetcars looking great.

We’re actively looking to open the E-Embarcadero line along The Embarcadero line between Caltrain, the ballpark, and the Wharf; extend vintage streetcar service west to Aquatic Park and Fort Mason and south through Mission Bay to Pier 70 and Dogpatch. We work to enhance cable car service in a number of ways as well.

San Francisco Railway Museum & Gift Shop

Our museum is really a visitor center for the historic streetcars. It’s a quick stop right on the F-line to learn much more about Muni’s “Museums in Motion,” find out how transit built the San Francisco of today and is shaping the city of tomorrow. Historic motion picture footage and photos galore, plus unique San Francisco gifts you’ll be proud to own or give to friends. At the F-line Steuart Street stop, just across from the Ferry Building.

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Vehicle Acquisition & Enhancement

Looking at a streetcar (trolley car or tram) on static, silent display somewhere is fine for some folks, but we think it’s so much better to let people experience the sounds and vibrations of these great streetcars and cable cars in real service, just like past generations did. We’ve helped Muni acquire and restore more than a dozen vintage streetcars, and even a cable car from a vanished line. While our restoration mission has largely met its goals, we’re still keeping our eyes out for a few very special streetcars to acquire. And our volunteers spend considerable time and effort helping Muni keep today’s fleet of vintage streetcars clean while they’re on the line. Your support makes this possible.

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Inside Track

Our members get a unique window into San Francisco’s transit scene through Market Street Railway’s full color 16-page member newsletter, Inside Track. Issued three times a year, it keeps them up to date with inside information on the latest streetcar and cable car developments, while it presents fabulous photos, both current and historic, and chronicles the history of transit in San Francisco as well. Members tell us they look forward to its arrival.

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Education Programs and “The Teaching Trolley”

We actively work to teach new generations how important effective, attractive public transit has always been — and still is — in building vibrant cities. Your support lets us expand that program and will help us bring to reality the centerpiece of this effort: “The Teaching Trollley,” a streetcar that would be restored to be a rolling classroom for both students and their families, letting all who board it learn as they ride along Market Street and the waterfront.

Other Projects & Programs

  • An active archive program collects, catalogs, and preserves artifacts, photographs, and other memorabilia important to San Francisco’s transit history.
  • We seek to preserve memories of the past by videotaping interviews with San Francisco pioneers and creating video segments for use in our museum and on our website.
  • We maintain relationships with a variety of business and neighborhood groups to strengthen our advocacy program.

All our activities depend on the support of our members and volunteers. For more about any of our projects and programs, email info@streetcar.org or call (415) 974-1948.