Take Me Out

San Francisco has a rich baseball history, from the Pacific Coast League days of the Seals and the Missions to today’s San Francisco Giants, who played at now-vanished Candlestick Park for decades, and, since 2000, at a gorgeous retro ballpark on the waterfront at China Basin.

The E-Embarcadero historic streetcar line runs right by the Giants’ ballpark, and Market Street Railway has been a passionate and persistent advocate for restoring more unique historic streetcars to serve the E-line. Our top preservation goal has been historic Car 798, portrayed here. It is the only survivor of 250 streetcars of this type built in San Francisco by our namesake, and Muni’s erstwhile competitor, Market Street Railway Company.

We rescued the body of Car 798 from a jewelry store in the Mother Lode of the Sierra foothills in the 1980s, and have been working, along with Muni, on its restoration ever since. It will soon be seen for real on the E-Embarcadero line, filled with the smiling faces of riders from around the world. Illustration by David Dugan.

This image is available as a 22″x28″ poster or a 5″x7″ matted print, a 2″x3″ magnet, and on the products shown below.

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