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    Sutro’s The Palace at Lands End


    NEW! A full length documentary film about San Francisco’s privately owned swimming, ice skating and museum complex built in the late 19th century. Once the world’s largest swimming pool establishment, the building burnt down in 1966. The ruins remain today. Journey back in time to revisit Sutro Baths when it was in full operation. See: The Seven Pools, Sutro Railway, Merry Way, Sutro’s Cliff House, Ice Skating Rink, Egyptian Mummy Museum, Tom Thumb Exhibit, Musee Mecanique, Torture Museum, Lord’s Last Supper, Ito, Giggling Ghost, 1963 & 1966 Fires, Sutro Ruins, and much, much more. A nostalgic trip back in time told by historians and the people that were there. Through interviews, film footage, and hundreds of photographs, this film not only allows us to relearn and finally understand Sutro Baths’ history, but also to feel and experience it. 84 minutes in length.

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    San Francisco Municipal Railway Scrapbook DVD


    Look back in time to Muni from after World War II to the 1980s. See the days when the “Iron Monsters” ruled Market Street and watch the Muni PCC cars of long ago when they were run as double-ended cars and the newer single-ended fleet as it expanded and replaced the Iron Monsters by the late 1950s. See disappeared lines like the B, C, F, and H, along with the J, K, L, M, and N.

    See the long-forgotten Market Street Railway streetcars after the Muni took over those lines after WWII. Learn the Muni’s history over the years up to the BART subway project and more! See firsthand the effects of the Market Street Subway construction and all the changes to the West Portal Tunnel, the Phelan Loop of earlier times and the Transbay Transit Terminal.

    See cable cars of the California Street Cable Railway Company as well as 40 years of Muni action!

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    Exclusive Narrated 1906 Trip Down Market Street


    Just days before Earthquake and Fire destroyed much of the West’s greatest city, pioneer filmmakers the Miles Brothers bolted a hand-cranked camera to the front of a cable car and rolled down San Francisco’s Market Street, unknowingly filming the end of an era. The story of this miraculous 1906 film has been told on “60 Minutes.” One of the experts Morley Safer interviewed is Market Street Railway President Rick Laubscher, a fourth generation San Franciscan and local historian. Rick applied all his expertise to create this fully narrated version of the fabled 1906 “Trip Down Market Street, using the best available restoration of this historic film by the Prelinger Archives, which reveals myriad visual details unseen until now. Our narrated version provides the social, political, and transportation context for everything you see in this remarkable 12 minute trip from Eighth Street to the Ferry Building. Available exclusively from us here online, or at our San Francisco Railway Museum, where you can also watch the film on our audio-visual display. Here’s a preview of the DVD that we put on YouTube. Region 1 encoding, playable in North America.

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    Remembering Playland at the Beach DVD


    NEW! A full length documentary about San Francisco’s famous 10-acre seaside amusement park, Playland at the Beach. Located next to Ocean Beach, it was torn down in 1972 to make way for a condominium development. Gone now for more than 3 decades, it remains one of the city’s lost treasures. Go back in time to see Laffing Sal, the Fun House, the Carousel, the Big Dipper, the Diving Bell, Dark Mystery, Limbo, Fun-tier Town, and much, much more, all through the eyes of the people who were there. Packed full of historical photos and footage, a treat for any amusement park fan. The first and only documentary ever made about Playland.

    DVD Includes 3 short subjects on Playland at the Beach.

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    The Cliffhouse and Sutro Heights DVD


    NEW! The historic Cliff House stands perched on a headland atop the cliffs on the northwestern edge of San Francisco, California. Originally built in 1863, it is now a key part of the Sutro Historic District. That district, now a park, included the lavish gardens and structures of Sutro Heights and the home of Adolph Sutro, entrepreneur, real estate developer, and populist mayor of San Francisco. The ruins just north of the Cliff House housed the world-class swimming pool and museum complex called Sutro Baths. A major amusement park, San Francisco’s Playland at the Beach, once spilled over more than five city blocks south, across from Ocean Beach. The Cliff House has been rebuilt and remodeled many times through its century-and-a-half of operation. This full-length documentary film tells the story of the Cliff House, Sutro Heights, and the attractions surrounding them, both a nostalgic look back and overview of the area today.

    Run Time 84 minutes, DVD includes the short: “A Trip to the Cliff House,” by Mark Twain

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