The Cable Car Fleet

Single-Ended Cable Cars

No. Livery & Status
1 Operational
Operational. Built new 1973 (except for roof, from Car No. 506) for Centennial of first cable car line; rebuilt 2014.
2 Operational
Operational. Car 2 was rebuilt in 1971.
3 Operational
Operational. Rebuilt 1955. Painted in last version of Muni green and cream livery (1960s-1982)
4 Operational
Operational. First No. 4 now at Giants’ ballpark, numbered 44 for Willie McCovey. That car built 1887 by Mahoney Bros. as open car No. 543, rebuilt as standard car No. 504 in 1915.
5 Operational
Operational. Rebuilt 1956
6 Operational
Operational. Was 518; rebuilt as 506 by Muni Elkton Shops in 1966; roof and seats of original 506 saved and used in building “Centennial Car” No. 1 in 1973; currently being almost completely rebuilt at Cable Car Carpentry Shop.
7 Operational
Operational. Extensively rebuilt, 1957. First test car on new Powell-Hyde line in March, 1957.
8 Operational
Operational. Completely rebuilt at Cable Car Carpentry Shop at 22nd & Indiana Streets 2019-2022.
9 Operational
Operational. Built by Muni shops in 1997 to replace first No. 9, which was retired. Painted in first Market Street Railway Company “White Front” livery, with red window sash, used from about 1927 through the mid-1930s.
10 Operational
Operational. Rebuilt 1960.
11 Operational
Market Street Railway Co. 1893-1902
Operational. Built 1893 by Carter Bros. for the Sacramento-Clay line. Rebuilt 1979-80, 2018. Now painted in its original 1893 Sacramento-Clay livery of Tuscan Red, which it wore until 1906.
12 Operational
Market Street Railway Company, 1936-1944
Operational. Rebuilt 1959. Exhibited in Japan 1987. Completely rebuilt and returned to fleet June 15, 2016, repainted in Market Street Railway Company “White Front” livery used from the mid-1930s through 1944.
13 Operational
Operational. First No. 13 built 1893 by Carter Bros., rebuilt 1958, left service in 1985. Current No. 13 is all-new car; United Railroads livery (used 1906-1920s) will be adjusted in future repainting to more accurately reflect original.
14 Operational
Operational. When built by Muni in 1963, was first completely new Powell cable car in almost 70 years; only cable car with a full plywood roof.
15 Operational
Operational. Current No. 15 was built new, entering service June 22, 2009, painted in the yellow with red trim used on the Powell-Mason line by Market Street Railway Company from 1893 to 1902. Original No. 15 built 1893 by Carter Bros., rebuilt 1954, left service in 1982.
16 Operational
Operational. Built virtually all-new, but incorporating a piece of roof from original No. 16, built by Carter Brothers in 1893. Painted in the blue and gold that Muni applied to three Powell cable cars shortly after acquiring the Powell lines in 1944.
17 Operational
Operational. Originally No. 532; renumbered to 517 in 1929. Rebuilt 1956.
18 Non-Servicable
Under restoration at Cable Car Carpentry Shop. Built almost all-new by Muni in 1963, replacing first No. 518 (Carter Brothers, 1893). Parts of first 518 were used in building second car 506 (later No. 6) in 1965.
19 Operational
Operational. Built all-new except for some metal work. Replaced car built by Carter Brothers in 1893 as No. 519. That car renumbered to No. 500 in 1968 following fatal accident, then renumbered to 19 in 1973 before being scrapped as unsalvagable in 1986.
20 Operational
Operational. Rebuilt 1967. Humphrey Bogart rode this cable car in the 1947 movie “Dark Passage.”
21 Operational
Operational. Original No. 21 was built in 1887 by Mahoney Brothers, renumbered from 533 to 521 in 1929, rebuilt 1952, scrapped 1987. Current No. 21 built all new in 1992.
22 Operational
Operational. Rebuilt 1956. Rebuilt again 2017.
23 Operational
Operational. Rebuilt 1969.
24 Operational
Operational. Renumbered from 534 to 524 in 1929, rebuilt 1958, displayed at Chicago Railroad Fair 1949 and in Los Angeles in 1950, the only cable car to leave San Francisco while still on the active roster. Dedicated to baseball great Willie Mays (himself number 24) May 6, 2016.
25 Operational
Operational. Rebuilt 1976 and again in 2008; painted in the red livery of United Railroads used just before and after the 1906 earthquake.
26 Operational
Operational. Rebuilt 1975 and again in 2010-11; returned to fleet November 14, 2012 in 1946 Municipal Railway green and cream livery.
27 Operational
Operational. Rebuilt 1958
28 Operational
Built new 2004. Operational. Original No. 28 was built in 1887 by Mahoney Bros. as open car No. 544. Rebuilt as standard car No. 501 in 1929, renumbered 28 in 1973, donated to Shore Line Trolley Museum, East Haven, CT in 2018.
44 Unknown Status
Retired Powell Car 4 (ex-504). On static display at the Giants ballpark, Third and King Streets

Double-Ended Cable Cars

No. Livery & Status
42 Operational
Operational. Special service only; serves as Mayor’s ceremonial cable car. Restored as joint project of Market Street Railway volunteers and Muni crafts workers, 1993-2005.
49 Operational
Operational. Replaced first No. 49, built by Cal Cable shops in 1912 for O’Farrell, Jones & Hyde line, renumbered 1957, scrapped 1990.
50 Operational
Operational. Served O’ Farrell, Jones & Hyde line until 1954
51 Operational
Operational. Last car to run on the O’Farrell, Jones & Hyde line, May 1954. First car to run on the reopened California line, December 1957. Rebuilt 2014.
52 Operational
Operational. Original No. 52 built by John Hammond & Co. in 1906 as No 3. Renumbered and stored in 1957, scrapped 1984 after being determined it was in too poor a condition to restore. Current No. 52 is all new.
53 Operational
Operational. Served O’ Farrell, Jones & Hyde line until 1954
54 Operational
Operational. Originally No. 19, renumbered 1957. Always assigned to California Street line.
55 Non-Servicable
Under restoration at Cable Car Carpentry Shop, 22nd & Indiana Streets. Originally No. 8, remumbered 1957. Always served California Street line. In 1952, briefly painted Muni green and cream as an experiment.
56 Operational
Operational. Served O’ Farrell, Jones & Hyde line until 1954. Rebuilt by Muni 1984, using seats from first No. 52.
57 Operational
Operational. Served O’ Farrell, Jones & Hyde line until 1954.
58 Operational
Operational. Served O’Farrell, Jones & Hyde line until 1954. Last car to run on the Jones Street shuttle, 1954.
59 Operational
Operational. Built new, late 1990s. Original built by John Hammond & Co., 1906 as No. 15. Renumbered 1957, Retired 1998 and sent to New Orleans as part of arrangement for streetcar No. 952.
60 Operational
Operational. First No. 60 built by Hammond, 1907 as California Street cable car No. 16. Renumbered 1957. Rebuilt 1959. Currently in storage, succeeded by new No. 60 in 2003.