On the F-line & E-line Right Now

Here are our links to live maps showing where each historic streetcar is on the F-Market & Wharves and E-Embarcadero lines right now. These maps are provided by NextBus, Muni’s vendor. We (Market Street Railway, Muni’s non-profit preservation partner) supplied NextBus with the graphics of the individual streetcars, and thank them for providing this nice extra touch. However, the raw data and map display are NextBus’, not ours. (NOTE: Recently repainted cars, including 1050, 1059, 1062, and 1063, may appear on the map in their old color scheme. We are trying to get NextBus to update this.)

All the PCCs and Milan trams have GPS installed, as do most of the older operable historic streetcars. On rare occasions, streetcars without GPS may be on the line; or GPS may malfunction or be programmed incorrectly by an operator (such as tagging an F-line car as an E or vice versa). Generally, though, these maps are fairly accurate.

Live F-line Next Muni Map.

Live E-line Next Muni Map.

Combined E- and F-line Live NextMuni Maps (both lines on one screen)

NOTE: buses will occasionally substitute for F-line streetcars when there is a shortage of trained operators (the usual cause) or a shortage of streetcars (though this is rarely an issue currently). Buses on the F-line are indicated on the map by a four digit number that usually starts with “8” or “6”, and no image of the vehicle on the map. (The E-line right-of-way south of Folsom cannot accommodate buses, so they do not substitute on the E.)

The real-time data feature requires Javascript and a non-Internet Explorer browser in order to work properly. Please ensure that Javascript is enabled and that you are not using Internet Explorer, and try again.