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Photo of the Moment: Brandon Doran

No, they’re not streetcars or cable cars, but what a fascinating angle on San Francisco transit. San Francisco is one of the few remaining North American cities to operate trolley buses, and no city on this continent has a network of overhead transit wires to match our city’s. (Visual intrusion, yes; zero emission transit, courtesy Hetch Hetchy, absolutely!)

This photo comes from one of our 2013 Museums in Motion calendar contributors (though his actual photo in the calendar is of streetcars). Here’s what he has to say about his work and his city.

My name is Brandon Doran and I’m a San Francisco resident for 11 years and have been photographing for the last two and a half. These days I am most interested in photographing the everyday moments occurring out on the street with the occasional cityscape or architectural shot, which I hope tells some story about the place or people. Muni buses, streetcars, and cable cars are one of the most obvious things to take pictures of in San Francisco. But why do I photograph Muni? Because Muni fascinates me. It’s life, it’s a very much an integral part of the city I love, it’s San Franciscan. I am always looking for something to provide the aesthetic means to say what I want to say about the things I see. Muni is a wonderful vehicle, pardon the pun, for making a picture that says something about San Francisco.

Check out more of Brandon’s work on his website, or on Instagram (brandondoran).

And don’t forget, you can pick up our calendar right now at our San Francisco Railway Museum for $12.95.

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Love it. Those wires are not visual intrusion to everybody.

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